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About us

Shenzhen Blueberry Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an authorized solution provider of chip manufacturers such as Realtek. The company is committed to the design/development/production/service of wireless projection software/software/audio and video products, and further provides hardware and software comprehensive customization services.

Blueberry Electronics provides open hardware and software platforms based on Android/Linux for various fields. Our own R&D department includes hardware design, application programming, driver porting and kernel modifications to enable us to meet our customers' professional customization needs. Combined with our supply chain, we are able to quickly provide our customers with a global range of services.

Blueberry Electronics has established long-term strategic partnerships with upstream manufacturers such as Rockchip Micro Rockchip, Crystal Morning Amlogic, and Realtek. Get the support of the above partners in the latest technical information, technical resources and chip prices.

Technical field
– Wireless projection SDK, Airplay protocol development
– Linux Android system kernel optimization cropping
– Linux Android Win kernel driver written
– Android/Linux/Win/Mac/Ios media player full software development, including OTT/IPTV player
– Internet TV player development

product line
– Wireless Screening SDK
– windows screen push software
– Wireless projection hardware
– Audio and video player



Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

Phone: 17722630259

Tel: 0755-86391706

Email: xiongzhiyuan@blueberry-tek.com

Add: Guangdong guangzhou tianhe balance sand too road sand road

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